A penchant

Writing was never a penchant of mine. It was not something I could see myself doing because creativity was always a challenge to me.  Or so I thought.... When I began writing this blog, at first it felt like everyday I had something new to write. It was as though inspiration flowed through me from the minute... Continue Reading →


Back to school supplies

School may be boring but it does give you one thing: a chance to shop. With summer almost over and schools soon to be reopening its not surpising to see the bookstores filled with what seems to be an endless amount of people. Throught the rush and the hustle it can be easy to forget... Continue Reading →

Affiliate Marketing ups and downs

One of the real reasons why i started this blog was to try my hand at affiliate marketing.  For those of you who don't know what this is, affiliate marketing is essentially signing up for a program and advertising their products. In return, you receive a percentage from the company when someone purchases the product... Continue Reading →


I'm sure anyone with curly/wavy hair can relate to me on this one: its gorgeous and amazing but the maintenance required can be quite dreadful.  Humid day: frizzy hair Using a brush: frizzy hair Blow dryer: frizzy hair Wrong product:frizzy hair Some days it can seem like nothing can go right. Some days I even... Continue Reading →

Glass etching DIY part 2

Hey everyone previously I did a post about glass etching using Armour Etch Cream While being convenient and simple I still decided to check out a rotary tool.  After much research I decided on the Dremel Rotary Tool. After browsing through multiple versions I came across the convenient and portable cordless rotary tool.  With 6 volts of power... Continue Reading →

Glass etching DIY

Etched glasses look amazing. It gives a unique touch to everything you own. From names to patterns to shapes, anything can be used to personalize your kitchenware. Previously a rotary tool has been used to etch the designs into glassware. However if you are like me you may deem this as time consuming or difficult.... Continue Reading →

Summer essentials 

This post contains affiliate links Summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beach or pool. Its what everyone looks forward to. Laying on the sand, soaking up the sun and getting a nice tan and then going into the water to cool off. The day even ends nicely as the sun sets leaving... Continue Reading →

How to enjoy summer vacation

Summer vacation is something we all look forward to. We always have such big plans during the year and when summer arrives for some reason we are rendered bored and have no idea what to do.  Here's 40 things you can do to enjoy your summer vacation: Go to the beach Go to a pool... Continue Reading →

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