Life shapes it all

I'm just a girl  Stuck in a world With nowhere to go And no one to hold  Loneliness and despair  Is all I've ever known Darkness is my only friend  Truth be told And if one day things do get better Id look back and wouldn't dream of another 

Top 10 favourite songs

Music is my life. I love it and simply can't live without it.  Even when I'm studying I need it. Music takes you to  whole new world with an entire different atmosphere.  Here are my top 10 favourite songs at the moment: AFI - this time imperfect Karmina- all the kings horses Ron Pope- A... Continue Reading →

Disappointment flows through me 

Disappointment  flowed through me. Once again I was let down. The big day I was waiting for, reprieved. I should've been used to it by now. It was a constant cycle: Make plans ---> get excited ---> become let down I try to be okay with it.  But it's ever lasting disappointment and pain....

10 tips to survive exams

Start early Make notes throughout the semester Color coordinate highlighters Read each syllabus atleast 3 times  Do past paper questions Ask teachers to review your answers and show you where you went wrong Take enough breaks Reward yourself Don't skip breakfast on the day of the exam Don't ever give up Daily prompt: survive

4 tips to overcome your fears 

We all have fears. Fear of : heights  fire losing people dying  bugs There are so many phobias out there. It's amazing how ones mind and perception of something can control us and hold us back in life. We miss an opportunity or the chance to do something fun because of our fears. The thing... Continue Reading →


We all wanna make the world a better place. We all try to change. But too often we overlook the real solution.  To change the world we can't only change ourselves but change the source of the problem.  The younger generation holds the key to a better world and it's our job to unlock it. ... Continue Reading →

Catapulted into oblivion 

Ever felt like life have just passed you ? Like you've been catapulted into the future with no idea how you got that point. More often or not this usually happens when things have gone awry. Life has just spiraled out of control and your stuck somewhere with no way out.  You go over every single step... Continue Reading →

Going adrift – sink or swim?

Sometimes life starts to go adrift. We lose guidance, a purpose and ultimately we lose ourselves. When things like that happen our lives becomes a mess and we wanna just end it. Rarely does one ever consider fixing things,making it better. Giving up is always our go to thought.  Sometimes our life destruction is inevitable.... Continue Reading →

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