4 tips for procrastination 

Procrastination. We’ve all been there. Having a lot of work to do yet we somehow prefer to sleep, read a book , watch a good show or just do anything else. You may even be procrastinating while reading this. For those moments of relaxation we feel great , until we are hit with the reality of our situation and the possibility we may not complete our tasks. Cue the anxiety and tears. Here are some useful tips to help with procrastination and prevent the breakdowns.

1. Set a goal
Have a goal in mind of what you wish to accomplish for the day. Write down the advantages of completing these goals on time. Everytime you complete a task cross it off and feel proud of yourself.
2. Have a schedule
Schedule your day, designating a time for every aspect of the task. Try to complete tasks within the time limit.
3. Set times for breaks.
As much as we would like to , it’s not always possible to do work continuously. Set aside time for breaks (usually not more than 15 minutes) to give yourself time to regenerate.
4. Reward yourself.
Set rewards for yourself for completing all your tasks on time. Whether it’s a mini spa day, a walk to the park, whatever makes you happy!

Following these tips would help with procrastinating and allow you to finish work in a timely manner. 


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  1. Hello! I found you over at First Friday for feedback. I’m so glad you put your link up. I Like Your Blog!! 😀
    (Here’s the serious feedback bit!!, Don’t worry, honestly 😉 ) On reading [this post] I couldn’t decide whether it was too short or if it was just fine because it got to the point. However, its length plays for easy readiing. As all your posts are like this, it’s easy to go from post to post and you have enough content posted regularly that offers enough variety (keeping with your overall blogs theme).
    I think you have made a good blog design choice, which as you know is also important. Having a lot of content, your decision to use excerpts is a good move. Your titles are well thought out to illicit interest to us that are following. They are attention grabbing for your niche. Regarding aesthetics, your theme choice is great because it is pleasing to the eye as one navigates: Important because of the amount of content to scroll through.
    This subject will attract an audience. You are speaking to a lot of people on these topics and your actual writing is more than competent to get across what you want to say.
    This is a great blog. You will do just fine with attracting readers and you have the insight to realise it will take a bit of time for the blog to grow and that patience and perseverance is needed.
    That’s it: Done!! 😀

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    1. Wow thank you so much! This comment really means alot to me because I’m so new to this blogging and it’s honestly something i didn’t think I was going to be good at! Thank you so much your comment has really given me motivation and made me feel like I made a right choice in deciding to do this blog! 🙂


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