Look up at the sky 

April 14th – or as some may know it, LOOK UP AT THE SKY DAY! This is a day which places emphasis on simply laying back, relaxing and enjoying the simpler things in life. We all live such busy lives that often we may forget to appreciate the natural world around us. 

We’ve all witnessed the amazing change that occurs every day as the sky turns from a beautiful orange to brilliant blue covered with white fluffy clouds, to purple and pinks and then to a black canvas illuminated with stars that shine like glitter dust. Needless to say, our sky is a beautiful and magnificent wonder.

Celebrating this day does not require much, just you and the sky. So grab a blanket, get out there and look up. Lay there with loved ones or even by yourself and just admire the world we live in. The ability to be alive on this planet is a magnificent thing. Stare at the clouds and have fun identifying the shapes or gaze at the stars and pinpoint constellations. Whatever it is, simply enjoy the day. 


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