5 ways to improve your relationship

As much as we all would like to have a fairy tale happy ending we soon come to realise that’s not the way reality works (boo). She may be your princess and he may be your prince charming but it’s definately not like the movies. There’s gonna be ups and downs but if you really love each other you won’t give up. Here’s 5 ways to improve your relationship :

  1.  Identify your problems. Make a list of things your partner does that may upset you and determine why these things bother you. If it’s a trivial reason ask yourself “Is it worth argueing and making us sad all the time?” 
  2.  Talk to your partner about your problems. Let him/her know how certain things make you feel and why you feel like that. Communication is key to a successful relationship. 
  3. Listen reflectively. When listening to your partner try to identify the feelings that surfaces when a specific topic I brought up. 
  4.  Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Understand their feelings and don’t just deem it as unimportant.
  5. Rekindle the romance. Have date nights where you just let loose and forget your problems. Remember the reasons why you fell in love and recognise how much you love and cannot live without that person and let that guide you into making changes to improve your relationship and it’s problems.

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