What to do when even life feels it’s not on your side

Cranky, that awful feeling we experience wherein everything under the sun makes us feel irritated. Being cranky often makes us lash out at others and bring negative energy into our lives. We are stuck with this feeling of worry instead of being able to find the bright side of things. Crankiness or irritability is often caused by stress, anxiety or depression.
Here are some tips to help with crankiness and bring back peace and joy into your lives:
1. Understand changes in behaviour. Do you get more cranky at certain time of day/month? Is it usually closer to times of stress such as deadlines or exams? Do you become more cranky when you are on certain medications?
2. Try to eliminate sources of these triggers in your life. Although exams or deadlines cannot be avoided you can plan early and reduce procrastination so you are not pressured when dates approach.
3. Participate in activities that reduce stress and help you relax. Do yoga, take a hike, swim, go to the beach, jog, anything to release those happy hormones !
4. Sleep. Crankiness is often caused by a lack of sleep. Ensure you are getting enough rest.
5. Reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases heart rate and irritability. It also affects the quality of sleep your getting when consumed in excess amounts.
6. Drink tea. Different teas have different effects on the body. Try teas such as chamomile, lemon balm or lavender.
7. Reduce intake of trans fats. These fats are shown to increase depression which in turn leads to crankiness. 


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