​What it means to me to be kind

Kindness, the act that shows someone that we care, that their feelings matter to us and we see them as a person. As someone we consider equal to us or even consider greater. But being kind isn’t something we should do to people that we like. The ultimate act of kindness is being kind to someone that we never considered dear. It’s being kind to someone that wronged us or even someone we may not know. We should not select who to be kind to, it’s something that should become part of our personalities, something that we do unconsciously without thinking about who it is for. Being kind to someone we don’t know could brighten up their day. It shows them that someone considers them important and respectable. That they are just as human as we are. Being kind to someone that may have wronged us shows them we are forgiving and that being a better person is worth more to us than holding on to grudges. Being kind also brings self happiness as we find peace with ourselves knowing that we can rise above everything and that nothing can bring us down and break us, destroy our spirits or ruin our personality.
Sometimes being kind can be a challenge as our temper may overpower our will to do good and ruin our chances at kindness. Being kind can start with simple things such as not becoming angry for little things.
Sometimes jealously may get in our way of being kind. Finding self contentment can overcome this.
Being kind can also be hindered by being selfish. Reminding yourself that everyone is important as you are can help with this.
Remember that everyone deserves kindness and people should be treated the same way you want to be treated.

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