​Rays of sunshine

When waking up on a morning our first thought is often one of despair usually due to the desire to stay in bed or we are faced with the thoughts of our tasks for the day. We often forget to be thankful for waking up and living to see another day. We get out of bed quite gloomy and go about our day from there feeling miserable.
It is often said that the first thought we have for the day sets the path for the rest of the day. Thus if we wake up and have positive thoughts about our day we will have a good day. In contrast if our first thought for the day is a bad one our day will be bad.
First things to do when you wake up:
• Be thankful for waking up
• Have positive thoughts about your day
• Tell yourself today is going to be a great day
• Smile,chuckle,laugh
• Kiss your spouse and be thankful for love
• Be excited for the new day
• Breathe in the fresh air of a new day


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