When it all falls apart

Sometimes life becomes so stressful that you can feel like giving up, whether it’s at school or a job. When things get hard follow these simple tips:

  1. Remember why you are doing this. Whether it’s to improve your life or maintain it, whether it’s to be happier or to have more, remember your reasons for starting in the first place.
  2. Remember all you have already achieved. Think back to previous achievements and remember how far you have already come and how good those accomplishments felt.
  3. Write down your feelings.  Make a list of your problems and why you feel like this. Then decide if it is something you can overcome or solve. Find solutions for your problems and keep moving forward.
  4. Stay inspired. If you’re dream is to become a chef keep pictures of food, if an artist keep photos of favourite pieces. Whatever it is keep holding on to your motivation. 
  5. Tell someone how you feel. Don’t keep those emotions and feelings of hopelessness bottled up. Talk to someone about how you feel whether it’s a parent, friend, spouse or guidance counselor let you’re feelings out. Someone might give you advice you never heard before or thought of and it just might be the thing to keep you going!☺

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