Why school takes the joy out of learning 

As a second year university student I have endured many days of going to this place called school. Now don’t get me wrong on this, I completely understand the privilege I have been giving to not only attend a school but to make it so far. I feel quite lucky and blessed to be able to gain such an abundant of knowledge and ultimately contribute to the world. 

However I do believe that our education system is quite messed up and in the end takes the joy out of learning. 

I cannot tell you how much nights I have spent crying and screaming at myself firstly for procrastinating and then for believing I am going to fail my exams.

School is an institution we attend that tires us and make us feel like learning is a burden. The way we are taught simply makes learning feel like a chore. Like something we have to do. 

We are forced to memorize words like mindless robots whereas emphasis should be placed on understanding what we are taught. 

Exams should not be about regurgitating word but application and showing what we understand. 

Homework and assignments. Teachers emphasize how important it is to get a good night’s rest however they are the same ones hindering it. They fail to realise that each teacher gives us an assignment. 

Between completing assignments and trying to achieve this “good rest” we are left without time to study for exams. Therefore when finals season approach we are stuck with trying to cram 3 months worth of 7 subjects into 2 weeks! 

This is often why students drop out or refuse to continue after graduating. They feel so tired and burdened that they cannot go on. 

The school environment needs to be redesigned with the interest of the students at heart because school years predict what we do with the rest of our lives. We are preparing for the future by making learning joyful again.


3 thoughts on “Why school takes the joy out of learning 

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  1. Add in the pile of debt that you acquire and you are spot on. I graduated 6 years ago and have no interest in going back to school even though it would maybe better my life a little better. Trying to find work arounds that are way less costly and time consuming.

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      1. Yeah it truly blows. And then depending on your degree, it’s really hard to get a job in your field without connections or volunteering for 500 years before you’re even considered for a low paying job.

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