Finals survival guide

Finals. A time for most that is filled with anxiety, cramming, depression, and regrets of procrastination. With the finals season quickly approaching us here are some tips to surviving it and coming out victoriously: 

1. Make a study time table. Plan out your subjects to study. Start with your last exam and end with your first. That way the first exam notes are still fresh in your mind and you have already gone through every other subjects notes therefore it can easily be reviewed before the exam.
2. Start early. Organize all your notes in advanced therefore you aren’t scrambling to acquire them the day before the exam. Make sure you have every topic that needs to be covered. Also ensure you have enough highlighters, post its, pens and folder pages.
3. Form study groups. Form a group of reliable people that you know you can work with to get the work done. Avoid people that would cause distractions.
4. Find out library opening hours so you can plan out your study sessions. It would be a waste of valuable study time to show up at the library only to be sent home.
5. Coffee is your new best friend, but be sure to limit coffee to no more than 2-3 cups per day as coffee can have adverse health effects if intake exceeds recommended amounts.
6. If you are a social media addict say goodbye for a couple weeks. No new post or picture is worth your grades.
7. Make time to sleep. Sleep is a valuable asset for success as it ensures adequate mental cognition and functioning. The last thing you would want is to fall asleep in an exam you studied so hard for.
8. Believe in yourself . Positive thoughts create positive actions. Go into that exam room believing success would be yours and you would definitely attain it. 


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