It won’t be gray forever 

Today the sky was gray. The sky was overcast with large, gray clouds that looked as though it contained enough water to wash us all away.

Today the sky was gray. I was convinced it was going to rain. I was sure today was going to be a gloomy day. I thought today would be filled with heavy rains with thunder booming and lightning flashing across the sky.
It was gray all night and it was gray all morning. I had no positive outlook on it simply because it was gray.
Gray, a dull colour that mostly brings despair.
Today the sky was gray and I thought that’s all it would be: A sad, gloomy, despair filled day.
But alas in the end it did not rain.
The sun came bursting through the clouds like a mighty warrior making himself known.
The sky brightened up. The birds chirped as they flew across this colour filled sky.
The sky was no longer gray.
Sometimes life may seem as though it is nothing but gray and all hope may be lost, but wait long enough and you will see, things will get better. 


4 thoughts on “It won’t be gray forever 

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  1. I like your message in this poem. Some days may be grey, but it won’t rain all day and things do get better with time. There are always good times ahead of a challenging time, and we go through phases in life. Today it was a very cloudy and grey day here in Australia…and it actually rained a lot!


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