There’s roots inside of all of us

Roots: one of the most vital parts of a plant. 

You can pick off flowers, you can destroy the leaves you can even break a branch and the plant still has a chance of living.
The Roots, on the other hand are much more fragile. If you are planting a seedling and damage the roots, The plant will have no chance of growing.
If you are replanting a plant and pull the roots too hard, bursting them, the plant would die from there, regardless of how much sun and water it is given.
If you are digging and hit roots, destroying them, the tree would no longer survive.
Although the roots cannot be seen when in the ground they are an important part to the survival of a plant.
Inside of every person is their emotions and esteem that cannot be seen.
If you damage their emotions and esteem you can destroy them forever.


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