Sick days 

Being sick is awful. Headaches, sore throat, chills and much more. If that isn’t bad enough, the wait at the doctor is so long, even with an appointment. Some receptionist are difficult and don’t make things easier. 

When all you wanna do is cuddle up in bed under your blanket you’re stuck in a waiting room filled with germs of other diseases with you’re already weakened immune system, noisy people, and the receptionist from hell it can be quite a challenge. Here’s some tips to survive the doctor’s visit:

  • Make an appointment. Although you may not go in on that exact time you would still avoid waiting what might be all day as you would have a set time. 
  • Go atleast half hour before your appointment. Sometimes people cancel appointments and your time might move up.
  • Don’t touch anything unnecessary. It might be tempting to read their magazines but remember countless other sick people has already held them. 
  • Use sanitizer if you touch any surfaces. 
  • Walk with headphones/earplugs to drown out the noise.
  • Try to sit near to a power outlet to charge your devices. 
  • Go as early as possible to be the first one.


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