How to get more followers on WordPress?

I know it isn’t an overnight process but we all secretly wish we  could wake up to thousands of new followers.  

We do everything. We share our posts,we tag them, we try to get ourselves known and it just doesn’t always work out.

To some people getting followers is easy, maybe they’re really sociable, maybe they are really aware of what’s trending.  Who knows their secret. 

But to some of us getting followers is hard and can be disappointing when you put your heart and soul into writing a blog piece and people just don’t see it. 

So tell me, what’s the secret to getting more followers?


4 thoughts on “How to get more followers on WordPress?

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  1. Seems like being social on other people’s blogs brings traffic to your own. And participating in the community pool every Monday maybe? Also having an easy, navigable site thats not crazy cluttered seems to help as well. That’s what I’ve learned so far, haha

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