Sometimes life can make us  knackered. Whether it’s school or work, we never seem to find time to just unwind and relax. 

Is that all life is though? Working endlessly? Yes I know we need money to buy stuff but in the end is it worth it?

The money we acquire from working so hard often goes to pay our medical bills of conditions we got from doing said work for example hypertension. 

By the time we have saved up enough money to go on a trip we may not be young like before and would not be able to do many things we wanted to do.

Everyday stresses tire us out and in the end it isn’t even really worth it.

So take time to relax, don’t over work yourself. Go for a walk, enjoy the nature, see the things you’re missing when you’re inside a building all day.


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  1. It’s too bad that we need money to survive but you are right. Find those little bits of time where we can escape the working world and savor them to their fullest!

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