Why Harley Quinn is my favourite superhero

April 28th- National Superhero Day

Harley Quinn is my favourite superhero. That’s right you heard me : superhero. 

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “isn’t Harley a villain?” The answer is Yes and No. 

Firstly Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. That’s where she met The Joker and after working with him she eventually fell in love with him and broke him out.

Harley is seen to be madly in love with the Joker and willing to do anything for him yet he belittles her and does not treat her as though he truly loves her. 

But despite her working with the Joker I see Harley Quinn as a hero, an inspiration to all. 

She’s a little quirky, crazy, mad even, impulsive and pretty much doesn’t give a damn about anything besides making her “pudding” happy. But Harley Quinn is also sensitive and she knows right from wrong. 

This can be seen in the Injustice comics where she refuses to fight Black Canary upon realising she’s pregnant. She also offers her advice and visits the baby after it’s born. 
Now you can say that this one act doesn’t change anything, she’s still a villain but it shows that sometimes people do things because of what they love or who they love but it isn’t their true self. 

They may be a hopeless, crazy, impulsive romantic but in the end they may have a good heart.

And that’s what makes her my favourite hero, because despite the fact she has spent years with the Joker being in love with him and being his partner in crime she still has a conscious and can commit good acts. She’s also an inspiration to show that anyone can change. 


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