Makeup for your Nose

You’re perfume choice can say alot about you’re personality whether you wear something frilly and flowery or dark anď musky. Perfumes are an excellent way to leave an impression on someone. Whenever they smell that scent again they would associate with you and be remember of the moment you were together. You may even smell your own perfume and have a memory. Think of it like a way to time travel without actually going anywhere.
As we grow older our perfume choices change and begin to reflect who we really are. Someone who may have once loved sweet perfumes may gravitate to musky ones and vice versa. Some people may like all scents and choose to wear them on different days depending on their moods.

Perfume is like makeup for your nose. You don’t wanna over do it and sometimes a little goes a long way. 

In the end we all love perfume and we all love to be complimented on what we’re wearing. 

Comment your favourite perfume!:)


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