Sense of smell day!

Today is national sense of smell day!!

We all love being able to smell, to take in new scents, smell fresh flowers, the salty sea water at the beach or even new perfume

We should be waking up everyday thankful we are not nose blind and we have our sense of smell. 

Scents can mean a lot. The scent of flowers may remind you of a Valentine’s day or smelling salt water may remind you of a wonderful summer day at the beach. 

Smelling a perfume can give you a wonderful memory of a time with someone special.

We even smell food either in a restaurant or a bakery and feel excited to consume it. 

Our sense of smell has a lot if impact on our every day lived and we sometimes don’t even know it. Until we have a stuff nose that is. 

When our nose is stuffed and our sense of smell is temporarily gone we begin to loathe ourselves for not cherishing our nose more. 

So love your nose, embrace your sense of smell and enjoy the scents you encounter!


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