We aren’t the same

Yarn can be so similar, in their colours and textures, yet we can we find so much different things to do with each ball of yarn. We can make scarves and bracelets, or blankets and hats. Yarn is so similar yet we make it into something different. 

Humans on the other hand each have their own distinct personality and features. Yet we often see many people, including ourselves sometimes, trying to be like others to “fit in”. Unlike the yarn we aren’t trying to each become something different. We conform to social norms and become robots to society. We suppress our differences and let only similarities show. 

We no longer try to be ourselves because of the fear of being ridiculed and the lack of acceptance and compassion among our peers. In a society where having a job is the norm any woman that wants to be at home with her kids is whispered about. And heaven help the father that wishes to have that role. 

Our fears of society are suppressing who we really are and what we want to be. We need to stop judging others for their inner desires because being different is what makes us human. There is a 99.9% genetic similarity between all of us and a 0.1% that makes us different. Even though it’s small that difference does exist and we should honor that because there’s a reason we weren’t made like robots.


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  1. I love this post so much!! The picture is beautiful and colorful and perfect for the point you are making. We are all different but we are all the same. We should include and respect everyone. I hate racism and xenophobia and homophobia and everything that makes people feel like they’re not good enough. I hope to spend my life making people feel loved and beautiful and important!! xx

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