You are in control 

Astrology is essentially the belief that the celestial bodies have a great impact on the world and our every day lives. 

Many people go to astrologers try to “predict” their lives. They believe that everything that’s happening is meant to happen, but not in the good way. They believe that if something  bad is to happen it cannot be overcome and their lives were destined to be like that. 

I however, strongly oppose this. Who the hell has the right to tell me I can’t change my fate? Why can’t I be what I dream of being? Is this all my life is meant to be? Having dreams that I will never see be fulfilled? Nonesense!

That’s not the way I believe the world works.  I believe that if you can dream something then from there, that moment, the possibility becomes real. Doors open and  opportunities await you. 

I once read somewhere that the universe gives you what you put out. The catch, however is that the universe doesn’t know the meaning of “I want ” and ” I don’t want”. The universe only hears the subject of your sentence. 

Now when people go to astrologers their minds are now filled with all these negative thoughts of what may happen. Subsequently they dwell on them and I believe that’s the moment when the universe hears them, essentially making it  come true. 

I believe we make our own destinies. If we tell ourselves something positive every single day then one day we will achieve it. 

Don’t let anyone put negative thoughts in your mind. Push forward positive thoughts to the universe and let your dreams come true. You are in control of what happens in your life.  

We live on a floating rock in a universe that goes beyond anything we can imagine. Anything in this world is possible. 


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