Surviving exams

Every semester each student is faced with writing exams. The anxiety, the tears, the constant thought if all this is worth it. 

We all hate exams. I mean a system put in place to evaluate each person’s career path and essentially the rest of their lives based on their memories? Which idiot thought that was a good idea? 

We all hate exams but we all have to do them. Here’s some tips to survive the exam season:

  1. Study early. Don’t procrastinate as that is the key to failure. 
  2. Be positive. Don’t harp on negative thoughts. Maybe your courseworks won’t so great but believe you can pass the  final exam. 
  3. Have all your stationary. Make sure and pack sufficient pens, pencils, erasers, sharpener, calculators, anything you might need. 
  4. Get a good rest the night before the exam. You don’t wanna be falling asleep during the exam.
  5. Eat a good breakfast the day of the exam. Nothing is more distracting than a growling stomach. 

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