What really keeps us going 

It always fascinates me how when I have to study late at night I’m falling asleep on myself while reading my text. Not even coffee can help ( I fall asleep while drinking it). Even music puts me to sleep.

When I am studying I find every excuse to go to bed, but the minute I put my book down and pick up my phone I’m wide awake and fully alert. I can understand everything on Pinterest and other forms of social media and my interest is heightened. 

Studies have been showing that phones and tablets emit a “blue light” that keeps us awake. But even when I try to read school work from the laptop or tablet I fall asleep faster than a dead battery. 

So is it really the light or is it what interests us that keeps us going? Is the virtual feeling of social interaction with others enough to keep us awake? 

Who knows maybe I’m just a bigger procrastinator than I thought. 


2 thoughts on “What really keeps us going 

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  1. Hahah! That last line really made me laugh! 😃 When I work out the difference between ‘study/work stuff’ and ‘fun/non-serious stuff’, I’ll let you know…but maybe that already is the answer – one is fun and to relax and unwind to, one isn’t ?? (I’m thinking out loud here as I’m writing). Maybe our brains can only cope with X amount of either and when we can’t focus on one or the other, it’s our bodies way of saying ‘it’s time to put this down and work on the other’ ?? Maybe 🙂

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    1. I often feel like that’s what it is like I wanna do so much but my brain can’t handle it but I don’t realise it and i end up feeling disappointed in myself


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