Don’t panic 

The day before my finals begin and the daily prompt is “panicked“. Way to stay calm huh? 

Every exam season I usually stress out and panic, have anxiety attacks and break down. But not this year. I’ve been strangely calm, almost like I don’t care. It’s an odd feeling to be so relaxed. I’ve been studying but I’m no longer crying between words wondering how I’m going to remember everything. 

It’s almost like I have a new found confidence in myself. Like I know I can do it. Who knows maybe the past month of writing such inspiring things has started to instill those thoughts within myself and I’ve come to believe my own words. 

With a workload greater than I’ve ever had I’m making it through it one day at a time. 

Whatever it is, I have not panicked and I’m still not panicking. How was I able to achieve this? I followed these study tips here and here

I believed in myself and at the end of the day I know I tried. 

Success shouldn’t be measured by what you accomplished but should be recognised every step you take to reach your goals. 


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  1. It’s amazing how sometimes things can feel so overwhelming, but other times, even with way more on your plate than all the times you felt overwhelmed , you can just get it done, pull through and do it well.
    I believer you are right, it has to do with mindset. Sometimes, I believe it’s because there’s so much that has to be done all you can do is focus on getting it done. No time for worry. No time for stress. Only action. Or I like to call it Game Time because like boxing, or a football game, it’s too late to worry or stress or try to prepare once it’s game time. You only have time to get it done.
    Good luck on your finals 😊


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