Logos Hope

Earlier this year the Logos Hope visited my country and I had the opportunity to visit. For those of you who may not know the Logos is essentially a bookstore on the ocean. The large ship functions as a bookshop that visits multiple countries throughout the year and stays for a designated period of time. What I expected to be a wonderful experience however was plagued with many challenges from getting onto this boat to purchasing items.
Firstly this ship has much to admire, from the its physical attributes to its purpose. This ship is packed with a myriad of books at affordable prices. This allows books to be accessible to a wide range of people.

This ship offers fact and fictional books along with college textbooks. Certain textbooks are also offered in a bundle amount at an amazingly low price ! 

The ship also offers features such as a play on board and an international café. 

However although all these wonderful features were on this ship it was quite difficult to enjoy them. 

The line to enter the ship was insanely long! I stood in line for atleast 1 hour before I was able to enter the ship. This however emphasized the popularity of the ship.

The inside of the ship was no better. There was so many people ! It was difficult to move around much less find books that appeal to me. After what seemed like forever of looking for books I eventually found some that were very reasonable prices. However my joy at this was short lasted as when I came home I realized the book covers were bent and pages were ripped. 

The line to cash. Standing in line may have been atleast 45 minutes

The international café: after exiting the bookstore (which you aren’t allowed to enter after you leave), you find the international café. After waiting in all those lines I was still very much excited to go to this café. However as I walked to the café my heart sank. Another unbearable line. Needless to say I left without purchasing anything.

Have you ever been to the Logos Hope? Comment your experience ! 


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