Cinco De Mayo

In high school, every May 5th, we would celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Now this was pretty interesting because cinco de mayo isn’t something big in my country. 

So now you’re probably asking.. “Why did you celebrate it then?”

In my old school there was language club which mainly focused on Spanish and French however each student was also required to learn a language. The fun however did not stop there! The school tried to take us beyond just learning the language but also the culture. 

In language club we made quesidillas, watched movies and listened to music in different languages, and even made crafts that were native to these countries. 

So to start off cinco de mayo every year, a brief history lesson was given about cinco de mayo and the festivities continued throughout the day. 

During our break, arepas, (non alcoholic) piña coladas and quesidillas would be prepared and sold. The taste of the new food items were always so intriguing. 

It was a day that exposed us to different cultures and allowed us to have a better understanding. 

It was always quite fun! Happy cinco de mayo!


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  1. Cinco de Mayo used to be a big day at the school where I teach, but I’ve found as the years have passed it has grown to be less of a holiday. A lot of our Hispanic students come from countries other than Mexico, so they don’t celebrate it.

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