Expectations sow the pathway to disappointment

Lifestyles. We all have them. Some are our actual lifestyles and some we fantasize about. They play a major part in how we envision our lives to be. It influences almost all our decisions including what to buy and how to act.

Some people have wonderful and glamorous lifestyles filled with everything you could ever dream of.  Fancy cars, the best clothes, perfume, jewellery you name it they have it. 

Some people are more simple and down to earth, only holding on to what they think is necessary for everyday living.

Then there are those that wish they had a glamorous lifestyle. They spend most of their life longing to be like others instead of appreciating what they already have. That’s where I think the problem lies though. People that don’t appreciate their lifestyle. 

It’s not always everyone could be lucky enough to rich or fancy, but materialistic things like that shouldn’t determine how we feel about ourselves. We shouldn’t let the lack of having the “perfect” lifestyle get to us and in so doing make us pretend that’s the life we have. 

We should learn to appreciate it every single thing we do have. 

We find problems with this world and become sad because it’s not what we expect it to be. Expectations are the root cause of our unhappiness and disappointment. If we forget about what we expect in life and envying what others have, go with the flow, take life as it comes and understand that THAT is our life plan, then we would be fine. We would survive this thing called life. 


3 thoughts on “Expectations sow the pathway to disappointment

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  1. We are very much conditioned from the moment of birth. And that conditioning is beyond powerful. But, as you said, we don’t Have to be like that, but it’s hard to let it go because it’s so ingrained in us and everywhere we look. It’s a sad reality.

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