Tales of reality 

What if fairy tales didn’t end the way we know them to? What if the original endings of many classic fairy tales were the ones made into Disney  movies.

What impact do you think that would have had on all us little girls dreaming to be princesses? Would we have had a more realistic view on the world? Would we have been prepared? Or would we have just been traumatized and scared for life?

But what if that preparation was what we needed? Girls were fed lies about finding the “prince charming” and becoming princesses and living a glamorous life. 

Fairy tales shaped our expectations of the world and of men. Granted, men are supposed to treat women with kindness but that should be an mutual  between both parties. Girls should have been taught through these movies that boys have feelings too and deserve to be treated just as well as we wanna be treated. We wanna be princesses, we shouldn’t take away their chance to be treated as a prince

Girls shouldn’t have grown up thinking boys would “sweep them off their feet” and take them to the castles. 

They should grow up to be brave and strong and able to handle any situation life throws at them. That’s the message that should have been instilled in us at a young age, not to be “damsels in distress”. 

So what do you think? Did fairytales create a warped outlook on life giving false hope and dreams? Or was it a much needed escape from reality? 


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  1. I lean towards the latter. A lot of the Disney princesses had a bit of a struggle to get their prince charming whether it be magical or familial. Ones that come to mind are Jasmine falling for the poor street rat, Pochantas falling in love with the white man and Mulan trying to show the world that women are just as strong, I’d not stronger than men sometimes.

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      1. This is true too! I watched these as a child and just saw cool magical things. But it was also communicated to me that it was all fiction as well. It’s not til you become a teenager or an adult and look back like huh that actually had a message haha

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  2. I honestly don’t know what to think. We need to teach little girls to be independent and strong but then again, when are we going to have a chance to dream like that again, if not as little kids? It may be sending a wrong message because real life is so much different that fairy tales but it’s also a way to keep our innocence for at least a few years.

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    1. That’s true it does preserve innocence and give them dreams and a sense of hope as well as stimulate their imagination! I just wonder how we would turn out if we weren’t expecting things like that from relationships… would people be more content?

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