6 tips to be better

We all strive to do better. Whether it be at our jobs, school, personality, anything in our lives. We always wanna improve, do better and often be the best. 

But we often over look the fact that betterment comes with accepting criticism. We sometimes take criticism as insults even when the person giving them has the best intentions at heart. 

We ignore corrections and continue our methods yet we someone believe we will still improve.

There’s many steps to bettering yourself. Here’s a few:

  1. Write down your goals. Make a detailed list of what you wanna improve and become better at.
  2. Listen to criticism with an open mind. Don’t just believe it’s insults, be understanding to what the other person is saying. 
  3. Compare how you actually perform AND your criticisms to your goals. 
  4. Practice every single day, it would eventually become a habit.
  5. Have patience. Improvement takes time. Don’t expect to be the Van Gogh after one week of painting. 
  6. Believe in yourself. Once you put your mind to something anything is possible. 

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