Should mother’s day really be celebrated? 

Should mother’s day be celebrated? Now before you deem me a heartless bastard, ask yourself, “should there only be one specific day to celebrate this wonderful woman called mother?”

Mother’s day should not be celebrated on the second Sunday of every May, but rather every day of the year. 

Why do we take just one day to appreciate  our mother ? Does she only do things for us one day for the year? Then why should we only be grateful, appreciative and show our thanks one day for the year?

Why don’t we make mother breakfast in bed as often as possible? Who knows the time she went to bed making sure all the household chores were complete.

Should we only present her with massages and spa dates once for the year? Who knows how her feet ache from standing all day completing tasks. Is one day suppose to rub a year of pain away? 

Should we only give her chocolates on one day? Who knows how many times she has told us we could have her slice of cake if we asked, no matter how much she longed for it. 

Mothers are irreplaceable wonders of this world. Sometimes it may not seem like they are doing anything right , but I can assure you they’re always trying their best and doing what they believe is the right thing to do. They’re human just like the rest of us, they make mistakes, their decisions may suck, but in the end that’s all it was, they were just being human. 

We expect mothers to know best, to always do the right thing, that’s why we are often so dissapointed and caught of guard when their decisions negatively affect our life. It’s the last thing we expect from the one we call mom. But in the end they deserve to be forgiven because they are just human. 

Mother’s should be appreciated every day of the year. They sacrifice your whole life for you. Every day for the rest of your life will never be enough, much less for one day a year. 

{Love you mom ♡}


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