How to make fruit chow!

I absolutely love fruit chow! Mango chow, pommcythere chow, plum, pomerac,Portugal, cucumber chow!!!!!!!!!

In my country fruit chow is a popular snack and an amazing way to eat fruits!

When different fruits are in season, different chows can be made! Now you’re probably asking yourself, “what is chow?” 

Essentially it is seasoned fruit. Here’s how to prepare it:

  1. Cut up fruits such as Mango, cucumber, ppmmcythere, pomerac, or if plums are being used simply make a slice in them.
  2. Add salt (to taste), chadon Beni, garlic, black pepper and hot pepper. Add a few tsps. Of water to the bowl for “sauce”
  3. Mix everything in a bowl and leave to soak. 
  4. Enjoy:)

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