Not all dreams pursued are achieved

We all have different paths, different things we pursue, what we wanna achieve and accomplish.

Yet in the end it is all essentially the same goals we have:

  • Be happy
  • Live long
  • Have a healthy life
  • Have kids
  • Find your soulmate
  • Have a steady job and income
  • Have a nice house
  • Travel
  • Be in love 
  • Etc.

It’s quite amazing because we are all born in different parts of the world with different cultures, values, beliefs, preferences and upbringings.

Yet in the end we still all strive for the same things. 

Although some of those things may be materialistic however some aren’t (such as the desire to have a family and find love, have a healthy life)
It’s just our natural desires and instincts to have these things, to be surrounded by others and live in comfort. 

It’s sad when not everyone achieve these things especially the desire to have love, a soul mate and kids. Those are things I believe we were put on this earth to definitely have and somewhere along the way to predisposed pattern to life got corrupted by jealousy, anger, envy, betrayal, promiscuity, etc. It has resulted in hearts being broken and families torn apart, lives disrupted and people die from depression, all due to a fickle mind…


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