When the exam is nothing like it’s supposed to be

Don’t you just hate when the hints for an exam have nothing to do with the actual exam?

What’s even worst than that? When the hints for the exam was wayyy  harder than the ACTUAL exam!

Yes I should be grateful I got hints, yes I should be grateful that I considered the exam easy and I am.

But what I’m not grateful for was wasting time learning things in great detail that were no where close to being on that paper! 

In fact, things that weren’t told to be learned showed up!oh the humor!

I  have no problem with learning alot but when I am on a stressful time limit and practically feeling like Madonna with only 5 minutes to save the world, let’s just say that knowledge isn’t needed. 

It’s like teachers don’t understand that we have other subjects to study for and when they do us that in their hopes that we get long term knowledge for information pertaining to their course, it’s takes away from our precious and valuable study time and much needed sleep time!

In the end their pursuit to give us knowledge and make us better students cripple and destroy us from anxiety, fear, and lack of time. 


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