Birthday thoughts

Birthdays. Something literally everyone has. We all enjoy them from the birthday parties to the excuse to indulge in cake and ice cream. And who can forget the presents!

Birthdays, an entire day dedicated to your existence and your ability to survive each year. Pretty good reason to celebrate if you ask me. It’s wonderful to celebrate a birthday and realise you survived on this earth for 365 days more each time.

But eventually birthdays  become just another day as we grow older and it’s like no one cares. All the attention we once got on this day eventually fades and it’s like no one remembers. 

 I know of some people whose birthdays stop becoming a big deal to family and friends. I know that this is personal decision to stop the celebrations but imagine how that person must feel.

No more cake, ice cream, celebrations for your existence. It almost like your underappreciated and no one cares if you live or die.  

So I was wondering, is this the norm? Are we all subjected to our birthday becoming “normal” days in the eyes of others? 

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  1. I think it depends on you. I have a friend who buys himself a birthday cake and takes it to work every year and tells everyone its his birthday, eat some cake! If you want it to be a normal day, it will be. If you want it to be extravagant, make it!

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  2. Nope, nope, nope. I bother no one during the rest of the year but, on my birthday, I force people to pay attention to me. It’s my day. I do whatever I want, get myself a present, throw a party, have cake… the whole thing. I ask for one day each year and I make sure I get it.

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  3. Mine was actually the opposite. My family made a bigger deal of it than I did. My fave food got cooked. I was bought an ‘extra’ present – which I was phoned up especially to let me know. I had to be reminded to open my cards because I forgot. A sibling knew the day it fell on weeks before even I did. The year before I done a disappearing act and a family member became so upset because they couldn’t wish me happy birthday on the day.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining and I’m not ungrateful. It’s just like you said, they become less important the older you get. However, when asked what I’d like for my birthday, I usually have something already thought out – which I know sounds really bad.

    But, I’d rather be remembered than have my birthday completely forgotten 🙂

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