The final straw

Ever wanted to change something  but didn’t know how? Its like you’ve had the final straw.

 You need difference in your life but don’t quite know how to get there. The first step is wanting to change. You just need a push for the other steps and eventually it would all fall into places.
Here’s 4 tips on how to change a situation/yourself:

  1. Understand your reason for wanting the change. Write the pros and cons.
  2. Evaluate your readiness to make changes. If you are making excuses or finding barriers, chances are you aren’t ready.
  3. Determine your confidence and ability to make the changes. A person with a high ability and confidence level is more likely to make a change than a person with a low one. 
  4. Start with something small.  Drastic changes aren’t usually stuck too because of the sudden rush of restrictions. Change something small first and gradually change other things.

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