The hostess with the mostest

The daily prompt today was definitely a tricky one. Hospitality.  It can be interpreted as friendliness, generosity, kindness, or being an amazing, entertaining, kind and polite host. For this post I’m gonna be using the last definition. 

Do you remember growing up and your parents having guests over? And you would do anything to avoid them, from locking yourself in your room with a day’s worth of food to crawling behind furniture in the house?

You’re parents always said it was “rude” to not say hello and interact even for short while with the company. 

You at the time weren’t being hospitable.

As We grow older we start having our own guests over, yet somehow we know exactly how to be hospitable guests, even though we never did it growing up.

We didn’t learn from engaging in the activity but simply unconsciously observing everything our parents did. 

Even though we didn’t care at that time we somehow learnt everything without noticing. 

We know how to act when guests come over, what to serve them, to use the best cutlery and glasses and how to make a good impression, all by hiding and observing from our room. 


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  1. Having good parents means so much, as they can give you good advice and put you on the path to being a good person yourself even when you are not aware that is what they are doing.

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