The way the human body works

It’s amazing how the human body works. Each distinct part from the organs to your cells to hormones, with its own role work together in collaboration to make you function the way you do. 

From the outside it looks like not much is going on, but on the inside, there’s a whole network of jobs taking place just to make sure you stay alive and healthy!

Signals and messages are sent to make various functions occur all of which have significant impact on us.

And although these processes are occurring within us, using  our brain, its source of control, we have no idea what’s happening…. until it’s too late.

When things stop behaving the way iy used to, when we can’t do things lile before. That’s when we notice the functions and collaborations. That’s when we appreciate what we once had and took for granted. That’s when we realised we can not live the way we used to because we have lost part of ourself. A part we didn’t even know we had.

Don’t take anything for granted, appreciate everything around you because you never know what you might lose and how it might destroy you..


5 thoughts on “The way the human body works

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  1. Elegantly written, we have to thank God for this system, the way he created the human with complicated system, everything works in our body in the proper way, he gifted us the vision, as our eyes have million of nerves, and veins, in addition, our heart the way how it is bombing the blood into whole of our body, thanks God for the gifts that he gifted it to us! Thank you Darie for nice sharing, beautifully written,❤️

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  2. I just love your posts 😊 When I look back to how my body once upon a time was, compared to how it is now, I want to cry!! But…. At the time I would still complain and I wasn’t happy. Now though, what I wouldn’t give to have it back… I would never complain again! But hindsight always makes things look great! 😊

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