Falling into the precipice

The daily word is precipice. That’s two days in a row of words I’ve never heard of. My vocabulary skills will definately be expanding !

Precipice- a steep rock or cliff.

I’ve never had any  encounters with a cliff to begin. Never been hiking, climbing, anything like that. 
The closest I’ve probably ever come to being on a cliff is those dreams where you feel yourself falling and jump awake in fear. 

I’ve never known why that happens. I read somewhere once that it’s when you’re falling asleep quickly your brain wakes you up to make sure you’re still alive. I also saw somewhere that you feel that when a parallel universe version of yourself is dying. I don’t know which theory is worst.

All I know that it’s an awful feeling and had made me realise I don’t ever wanna actually be near a cliff, much less fall off one.


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