How much is too much to post in a day?

When looking for blog advice there seems to be contradictory messages about how much to post within a day.

Some blog posts say don’t post too much yet some say keep active daily. There’s soo much rules to this! Don’t right enough people lose interest. Have an inconsistent amount per day people get frustrated. 

I’ve noticed that on days where I post a lot of blogs I get alot of views however on days when I only post one or two my views a minimum.

Is it that when I post too much I am showing up too much on someone’s page? Or when I post too little no one can find me. 

I guess what im trying to ask is what’s the right number of posts to post a day without seeming overwhelming? 


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  1. Thats a good question. And the answer is I don’t know. It varies from blog to blog and what kind of content they’re putting out there. I try to make sure there’s a post a day on RT but we all have busy lives so sometimes a couple of days go by and nothing gets put out.
    What I will say is loyal followers don’t care how much or how little you put out. We’ll read it all! At least this follower will 🙂

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  2. I’d say any number is fine. It’s your blog. I have posted 4 today. My health for days journey post and update (2) and 2 from the blogging challenge I’m doing. One for today’s prompt and another from yesterday (I was behind) I post between 1 and 4 each day and don’t care at all. It’s my blog, I post whatever I want. People can simply skip them.

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  3. Hi 😊 I think it’s about finding balance. Some people post daily, some once a week and some about 3 x week. Whatever suits you really. There is one blog I follow and the person has sometimes posted 5 times in a day, give or take, but daily. For me that amount showing up in my reader can sometimes be a put off and not all their posts interest me, but, some of them do and I enjoy reading them so I don’t unsubscribe.

    On the other hand, sporadic posting does mean less views and visitors. When I’m in one of my writing funks I don’t post and disappear for a while and I know that doesn’t help me or my readers, so I’m learning to find a way around the absence.

    Blogging isn’t straightforward and it’s a continuous learning curve. So it’s trial and error, in this case regarding the frequency of posting, and the impact on your blog, just finding out what works best.

    Hope that helps 😊

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