The things we do for success 

Its 3 am and I’m up to complete studying for my final exam of the semester. 

Practically close to tears from tiredness I keep telling myself, “it’s worth it, it’s got to be worth it.”

My entire life’s work got me to this moment, I can’t give up now. Approximately 18 years of school to lead to this moment. 

Sometimes it feels like It could be easy to give Up, but just remember your reasons for pushing forward will always exceed your reasons to give up. 

Anything is possible. This pain is temporary but that gpa,success, And feeling of achievement will be forever.

I definately feel like a zombie though, awake and functioning when I sure as hell shouldn’t be. 


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  1. Hey, I know that feel, hang in there! Just gave my final exams in March-April and I barely slept 2 hours each night, but it’d worth it at the end, best of luck!

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