4 tips to overcome your fears 

We all have fears. Fear of :

  • heights
  •  fire
  • losing people
  • dying
  •  bugs

There are so many phobias out there. It’s amazing how ones mind and perception of something can control us and hold us back in life. We miss an opportunity or the chance to do something fun because of our fears.

The thing about fears is that it’s all in our mind. Our thoughts paralyze us. We lose the ability to think, act, feel. 

We all wanna overcome our fears but the mind is so powerful it sometimes hold us back. 

How do we win an argument with ourselves. How do we convince a life long believe that everything will be fine.
Here’s 4 tips to overcome fears:

  1.  Research the fear. Determine the reason for the fear through your research and try to pinpoint the moment in life you developed that fear. 
  2. Research the chances of that fear coming through. Often it’s a low/negligible percentage. This would show you the ratio of achieving something to your fears coming through. 
  3. Ask for help if you need it. Ask a family member or friend to demonstrate it to you. 
  4. Start small. Don’t just ride the biggest rollercoaster at the theme park. Start with a smaller one and work your way up.

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