How someone can make you feel less than them

Recently I discovered Pinterest collaboration boards, and was I excited to join some. Although difficult at first I slowly got into it and so far I’ve been able to join atleast 3. Yes I know it’s a small amount but it’s something ad I am both appreciate of and proud of myself. 

Recently I attempted to join another one. I read the rules and I was aware of how “exclusive” this board was. Still I attempted to join it, I mean we are all pinners and we are all trying to help each other out. Or so I thought. With an excited mind i gave my informative and waited patiently to be accepted. 

Earlier today I realised I had been declined. Yup kicked out of the “cool” kids club before I even had a chance to join. I got it. My Pinterest and blog wasn’t good  enough. It just goes to show  even on social media people are categorized into a cliques. 

I was ready  to give up. I decided I wasn’t good enough for this, not cut out for it. The way my mind thinks wasn’t attractive enough. 

After about 10 minutes of sadness I realised I’m not gonna let this one person define me. Who are they to make me feel  my Pinterest isn’t as good as theirs? How dare they?

I decided I wasn’t gonna let them be the cause of me losing my dream, my chance, my opportunities. So with a  heavy heart I wrote a blog post and I pinned my pins the way I loved to, because that’s what makes me be me 🙂

I also decided to make my own Pinterest collaboration board where any and all pins (as long as there is no profanity,nudity,racial comments, Or just anything demeaning in nature) can be added. Just follow me on Pinterest and send me a message asking to be joined. 

My Pinterest:

Collaborative board :


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