Top 10 favourite songs

Music is my life. I love it and simply can’t live without it. 

Even when I’m studying I need it. Music takes you to  whole new world with an entire different atmosphere.  Here are my top 10 favourite songs at the moment:

  1. AFI – this time imperfect
  2. Karmina- all the kings horses
  3. Ron Pope- A drop in the ocean
  4. I see stars- the hardest mistakes 
  5. A skylit drive- it’s not ironic it’s obvious 
  6. I see stars- running with scissors
  7. Yellow card -way away
  8. A day to remember- out of time
  9. Owl city- vanilla twilight 
  10. A skylit drive -Rise

Are any of these your favourite?comment some if your favourite songs 🙂


11 thoughts on “Top 10 favourite songs

Add yours

    A drop in the ocean is such a pretty song!

    Some of mine:
    I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
    Run – Leona Lewis
    Anywhere – Evanescence
    Fire and Soldier – Gavin Degraw
    Eye of the Needle and Elastic Heart – Sia
    When You Say You Love Me – Josh Groban
    PTX Vol 1-3
    and Rise cover by Superfruit

    To name just a few 😉

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      1. OH girl! I hope you love them all as much as I do! PTX is for Pentatonix and I love their original 3 albums. I’ll post the Superfruit song to my page though because now you’ve got me wanting to share it

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