Baby talk 

When a new baby arrives we can’t wait for them to utter their first word. We all wonder will it be “mama” or “dada” or will they surprise us with a totally advanced word and wow us for days.

When they start talking we hold on to each and every word they say. We memorize it. Record it. Get them to say it as much as possible. It’s a proud moment not just for the parents but any involved family. 

Its said the average word a child can say by 2 years it’s between 15-50. But what happens when your child can say more than that? You become the proudest person on this planet. And you deserve to feel like that it’s a moment you should hold on to forever.

Babies sound adorable when they talk. It’s the one time in their lives you don’t want them to stay quiet. 

But sadly as their vocabulary expands and they become more talkative and inquisitive almost on cue or instinct we try to shut them up. 

After years of being praised for saying words and talking, and clapping for themselves, they are left to feel as though they are now doing something wrong. They have to change and adjust everything they’re ever known about conversatiom. 


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