7 ways to improve your imagination

Imagination is the foundation of everything man made in this world. All inventions, creations, innovations were made because someone imagined it. 

Think about what the world would be like without imagination. Everything would be exactly as it was made. There would be no technology, machinery, or even stories. We would be mindless robots.

We take for granted our imagination. Our ability to see the world in different ways. 

Without our imagination the world would be dull, boring and stuck in one place never moving forward. 

Some of us believe we have no imagination because we can’t draw or write but every single new idea that pops into our head is part of our imagination. 

We just need to recognise that and expand on it, make it stronger and only then our imagination would contribute to the world.

Here’s 7 ways to improve your imagination:

  1. Turn off the tv 
  2. Go outside
  3. Read new books
  4. Try to learn how something works
  5. Identify  a problem in your life and find another way to do it
  6. Paint
  7. Write a short story 

13 thoughts on “7 ways to improve your imagination

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  1. Very true, my imagination tends to go wild when i am outside in the nature or listening to song or like when i come up with an idea to create something i didnt know how to make before.

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  2. Going outside and being in nature really works for me as does being in water! Our imaginations are so powerful. Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s post is about imagination in case you have time to look? Have a good afternoon, Sam 🙂

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