Triumph from scratch

Everyone wants to triumph, be victorious. Most people fail because they choose to give up, or even worst, they don’t put in as much effort as they should. 

Being successful comes at a price. It’s sacrificing your free time and working hard towards your goal. 

Technology has made us lazy. We find short cuts for everything in our everyday lives. That’s why when it’s time to work hard to achieve something for ourselves and put in 100% we find it so difficult. We’re not accustomed to giving it our all anymore. We have machines for cooking, washing, cleaning. Soon we would even have self driven cars. 

We have gotten so used to having help in everything we do that when it is time to work from scratch and build ourselves up we get into difficulties. 

To be victorious like before we need to develop a better work ethic and put 100% into everything we do.


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