The lost treasures

Today while I was out in my garden I came across a shiny rock.

To some it may be just that: a rock. 
But to me it was memories of a grand adventure, a time when things were much simpler and life was filled with imagination. 

Yup. Memories of a childhood almost forgotten came rushing back. The times where playing out in the yard was the norm and anything found was “treasure.”

We were pirates and outdoors were filled with buried treasure. 

Simpler times. When everything seemed magical and it felt as though the good days would never end.

As we grow older our imagination fades and we begin to see in black and white. The bumps in the ground are no longer rough waters at sea and rocks found are nothing but rocks. The leaves aren’t food, petals aren’t fake nails and flowers aren’t hair decorations. 

Discovering this shiny rock stirred a part of me I didn’t know still existed. For a brief moment I was a child again, life was an adventure and I found the treasure. I didn’t just find a rock, I found my childhood.

2 thoughts on “The lost treasures

  1. aw so beautiful. I used to collect rocks like this and smash them pretending I worked in fairy mines and these rocks were priceless magical gemstones. The imagination of a child is such a beautiful treasure! Lovely sentiment ❤

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