No longer in the loop

I used to love the daily prompt. When I first started WordPress it’s where I got a lot of my ideas from. As a newbie inspiration was hard to find and the daily prompt was part of what kept me going. 

It was like a challenge to myself everyday. I felt good when I was able to create am entire blog post based off of one word that I would not have even considered. 

Even on days when the word was tough I kept at it, fascinated and loving the fact that I was expanding my vocabulary. 

But now, after 2 months, it’s been getting quite harder. The new word loop has really got me stuck. 

Many thoughts came to my mind when I saw this word. In the end the only thing I could say is, maybe it a good thing I’m out of the loop of using prompts to get ideas for my posts. Maybe this way I would be able to use my own ideas and not rely so heavily on those of others. Maybe this way my creativity can break through. 

Sure sometimes I’d use a prompt, but I’m gonna try to get my own ideas out there. It would be harder but it would be worth it.


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