How to survive college on a tight budget

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What’s one problem all college students have regardless of their location, age, or the college they attend?

>>Our lack of money and never ending need for things <<

Yup I said it. I’m sure ALL of you can relate, whether you are a student yourself or are the parent of one.

The road to college success is a long and quite expensive one. From tuition fees to books to even living expenses, the journey to successful living takes quite a toll on your bank account.

Many students get part time jobs to help ends meet but sometimes even this isn’t even enough. Thankfully there are programs out that understanrd these predicaments and are designed to help.

I present to you : Prime Student

This is an Amazon Prime program applicable to college students. You can sign up and receive a 6 months free trial. After the trial you will have access to Amazon Prime for 50% off the regular price as long as you are a student.

Upon registration for this you will have benefits such as:

  • free 2 day shipping on textbooks and other eligible items – as a student we have lots on our mind, sometimes we may forget to purchase notepads, textbooks or even pens. After a long hard day at class we may come home only to realise we are running low on groceries and with that paper due in a few days we don’t have time to run to the store. In situations like these, this can come in really handy.
  • exclusive deal and promotions
  • you will be able to borrow free kindle books and get unlimited instant streaming of movies when you sign up for amazon prime after the trial – we all know how expensive books get and maybe paying for movies isn’t in your monthly budget, with this program you have access to it all.

Join Prime Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students

This program can really help with getting school and living supplies on time and at a low cost!


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  1. Great Share! They should also start an amazon student program where you can get a portion of your purchases set aside for future college; that would be so neat. Even like 1% of every purchase.

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