What no one tells you about Affiliate Marketing 

We’ve all heard of affiliate blogging at some point. Promoting links on your site to earn a small commision. We’ve all seen atleast one “how I made “insert ridiculous amount of money here” in a short period of time”.

It all sounds so enticing, so easy, like anyone can do it. But what people hardly ever speak about is how hard it is to actually get people to click on your links AND purchase something.

Who else thought “all It takes is to post a link and voila, instant money?” Im not gonna lie I sure did. But after I’ve really gotten into it and tried multiple things I’ve come to see it’s not that simple.

I am yet to figure out what the secret is to getting people to enjoy my post, click on a link and purchase something. For now it doesn’t seem to be working out but I’m not ready to give up and if you really wanna try affiliate marketing I say go for it, it’s definately not gonna be easy but if you persevere hard enough one day you would make a sale and no matter how big or small it is, it would be worth it.

Is there anyone that has actually succeeded at affiliate marketing? Feel free to leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “What no one tells you about Affiliate Marketing 

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  1. I’m planning to do the following on my own blog:

    Keep the affiliate links only related to stuff you know about, in this way you can comment on the products and companies that the link is related to, share your opinion, and provide useful information to your followers.

    For now though, my mission is to get followers in the first place, so I’m learning how to write interesting blog posts and get people engaged. I believe that the more engaged people are, they more they trust you and the more they follow your lead and suggestions.

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