How to enjoy summer vacation

Summer vacation is something we all look forward to. We always have such big plans during the year and when summer arrives for some reason we are rendered bored and have no idea what to do. 

Here’s 40 things you can do to enjoy your summer vacation:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Go to a pool
  3. Take swimming lessons
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Take a summer course to learn something new
  6. Have a movie day every week with friends
  7. Learn to sew 
  8. Learn to knit
  9. Learn to crochet
  10. Learn to play an instrument 
  11. Do a different DIY every week
  12. Cook something new
  13. Learn to cake decorate 
  14. Write a book
  15. Have a blog 
  16. Have a vegetable garden
  17. Have a flower garden
  18. Make a home movie with friends
  19. Have a vlog 
  20. Binge watch shows
  21. Make homemade snacks
  22. Write poetry
  23. Write songs
  24. Have a picnic
  25. Go cloud watching 
  26. Write show theories
  27. Have a party
  28. Have lunch dates with friends
  29. Dye your hair a color you normally wouldn’t be brave to try 
  30. Get a tattoo
  31. Get a new piercing 
  32. Go ziplinging
  33. Go to a water park
  34. Go to a nature park 
  35. Go to a wild life resort
  36. Go camping
  37. Sleep under the stars 
  38. Start a collection
  39. Up-cycle old clothes
  40. Volunteer 

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